How to Handle a Negative Payment Amount

How to Handle a Negative Payment Amount


Due to the way FINET handles negative payments, it is best to process negative payments as a credit on the same document as a greater or equal payment. The positive payment does not need to have the same coding as the positive payment. If you are not going to process a positive payment from the vendor for a considerable period, you are better off requesting a check from the vendor rather than a credit.

 How FINET handles a payment document with negative balance

 If a negative amount on a payment document is greater than the positive amount, FINET puts both amounts on the table and waits until there is enough positive payment amounts to accommodate the negative. Once there is enough positive payments to accommodate the negative amount, FINET will make the payment. If enough positive payment amount never accumulates, the positive payment amount in FINET will never get paid out. To avoid this issue, it is safer to never process a negative payment amount, particularly for a vendor that is not used frequently. If you have processed a negative payment amount and then receive a refund payment, you need to 0 out the negative amount on the payment document.

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